​Jenni Nitsch 
Connecting to Divine Wisdom

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Jenni is definitely an earth angel. She has a way of really giving insight and spiritual guidance of the most challenging situations. She never ceases to amaze me on her ability to see what is going on in your life and reflects what she sees back to you to interpret. Her energy is amazing and she truly nurtures and respects her gifts. She has also assisted everyone in my family to get grounded through her presence and energy work. We all love her! ~ Mandy

I met Jenni in 2009 and she has been there for me ever since. She will touch on your innermost emotions, answer your most intricate questions, and provides insightful guidance to help get you through whatever you are facing. Her connection to Spirit is so pure and unbreakable, and her words and messages will resonate deeper than you could ever imagine. The detail and accuracy she relays proves such strong truth that she is sincerely  God's messenger and can connect you with your angels and all things Divine in one of the most beautiful ways possible. ~ Diana

I lost my mom recently and after a session with Jenni, I found myself in a much more peaceful state. I didn't know what to expect, and I was a bit scared to go at first. Upon arrival, she Immediately had me feeling so calm and safe. She doesn't refer to herself as a "psychic," and she doesn't tell you anything you don't already know! So confirming and made me even more of a believer! My mother came through and it was such beautiful, profound experience. Her accuracy was incredible. ~ Leah

I met Jenni through a mutual friend and a few weeks later I went to her for my first massage. She is by far the best therapist I have ever been to. Her space is tranquil and welcoming. You feel the relaxing, peaceful energy that surrounds her as soon as you walk through the door. Jenni has a loving and comforting touch. Prior to meeting her, I was in pain on a daily basis due to scoliosis and a cervical slipped disc. After receiving one of her massages, I can go days without feeling any pain. She truly is an angel brought by the heavens to heal those in pain. ~ Jacqueline

I've been seeing Jenni for Reiki and readings and the past couples of months have been profoundly life changing for me. I contacted Jenni looking for help in managing my anxiety and stress. I wasn't sure what to expect as far as results, and all I can say is what I took away was nothing short of miraculous. For the past few years I had been feeling like I was on a hamster wheel with regard to many aspects of my life. I felt stagnant, overwhelmed, short-tempered and mentally exhausted. Jenni has such a loving and warm spirit and is so down to earth - she put me at ease immediately. During my first session, I felt a deep emotional release and I was able to unblock and clear the muddy water of my mind immediately - it was incredibly cathartic. Being able to see things clearly now and feeling "centered", I am peaceful and relaxed in my daily life. I can finally define my goals, move forward, grow, and make changes that have benefited both my emotional well-being and professional life. I will continue to see her on a regular basis for what I consider to be my "wellness" check-ups. Jenni is truly a gifted healer and an angel among us here on earth ~ Sadhna